Trolls Band Together Movie Review 2023

Trolls Band Together Movie Review

Trolls Band Together Movie is the third installment of DreamWorks’ animation “Trolls” series is just as charming and endearing as the previous two. Even worried parents who think the movie would be over quickly (in less than 90 minutes) and unpleasant will be captivated. Part of the reason for this is because the film was made with ’90s-born millennials in mind, with references to boy bands and a few catchy tunes that will bring back fond memories of high school and college. Of course, it also has great voice acting, a plethora of catchy songs, and vibrant visuals and atmosphere. It’s the finest of the three.

Trolls Band To

The first “Trolls” film was out in 2016, and it was clearly influenced by the 1960s fad for ugly-cute dolls with strands of brushed-up fuzzy hair. Anna Kendrick played Poppy, the daughter of the Troll King, and the film depicted a brightly coloured, musically joyful world. After saving them from the huge troll-eating ogres known as Bergens, she starts dating Branches (Justin Timberlake), a troll who has been living in isolation as a doomsday prepper ever since his grandma was kidnapped by the Bergens. Poppy tells Bridget (Zooey Deschanel), a timid Bergen cook, and Branch (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), an outcast, that love, companionship, and music are the keys to a fulfilled life.

Poppy discovers there’s are other trolls villages, each with their own style of music, in the sequel “Trolls World Tour” (2020), lead by the highly hostile Queen Barb (Rachel Bloom). Poppy’s example of generosity and acceptance has saved the day once again. Some villains, however, may require more than encouragement and a positive example, as acknowledged by this new film.

The flicks’ astute and humorous use of well-known pop tunes is a perfect match for the vibrant aesthetics of the trolls’ world. The term “band” has two distinct meanings in this context. In the opening flashback, we discover that Justin Timberlake’s character, Branch, and his siblings were in a successful boy band named BroZone. When the concert went terribly wrong and the band decided to disband, Branch appeared to be a baby in diapers. One of the brothers complains, “We’re not in sync.” We’ve grown up and there’s nowhere else to go but the gutters. Yes, there will be another quip later in the film relating to the youngsters on the Block, Menudo, and New Edition.

Trolls Band Together

The wedding of King Gristle and Bridget in the current day is rudely disrupted by Branch’s younger sibling, John Dory (Eric Andr√©), whom he hasn’t seen since the band’s dissolution 20 years ago. He informs the others that Floyd (Troye Sivan) has been arrested and that they must find him immediately. Velvet (Amy Schumer) on Veneer (Broadway’s Andrew Rannells) are a brother-and-sister pop combo who confined Floyd in a diamond cage. Their singing sounds like a failed attempt at being the next Milli Vanilli. So, they kidnapped Floyd and put him in an atomizer with diamond walls to prevent him from escaping. They spray his gift on themselves before a show, draining not only his voice but also his spirit.

The band needs to reunite, so they’re looking for Spruce (played by Daveed Diggs) and Clay (Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi). This means discovering brilliantly conceived new worlds so utterly distinct from anything we’ve seen prior they are displayed in part in entirely distinct animated styles, changing from rounded forms and sweet colours to retro flat, lite-brite-inspired, near-psychedelic visuals. Like the Oscar-winning “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” “Trolls Band Together” follows a new path with its storytelling and animation, but it does so in its own unique way, highlighting the beauty and spirit of adventure that Poppy and Branch bring to their explorations of the world.

Trolls Band Togethe

There’s a spooky scene in an abandoned amusement park that could be a reference to Scooby-Doo. However, there are a few twists to it (Clay’s new job will make his parents laugh). Camila Cabello brings Viva, a new character with ties to Poppy’s past, to life with her wonderful exuberance. She has the same kind heart as Poppy. Like Branch, she has experienced trauma in the past that has left her fearful of leaving the one place she feels secure. She has now decided that she needs Poppy to remain there as well.

Floyd, however, need rescuing. The plot moves rapidly, the rescue sequence is thrilling, and the soundtrack includes both classic rock and modern hits. There are some positive messages about the importance of family and taking responsibility for one’s actions. Velvet’s mistreated assistant Crimp (Zosia Mamet), who resembles Cousin Itt with a horrible perm, and Kenan Thompson’s glitter-covered Tiny Diamond are just two of the numerous adorable supporting characters. The “Trolls” films depict a bright and cheerful universe full of song, friendship, and communal giving.

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